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atch Plant Controller PLY1000


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China Concrete Batch Plant Batching Controller with High-Quality, Leading Concrete Batch Plant Batching Controller Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Concrete Batch Plant Batching Controller Factory & Exporters.

PLY1000 concrete batch plant controller is equipped with automatic control of up to 8 scales ( including aggregate scale , cement scale , water scale , liquid external agent balance , fly ash scale , spare scale ) PYL1000 is commonly used at the simple mixing station or engineering station below 90 , and the monitoring computer and software can be selected to realize production management . Main Advantages of PLY1000 Concrete Batching Controller 1.High accuracy of weighing the controller adopts advanced integrated circuit and high - reliability device , and has the characteristics of high weighing precision , simple operation , reasonable price , high reliability and the like . 2.High anti - interference design The new high - integration high - speed CPU is adopted in the hardware design , which ensures the reliability and real - time processing ability of the PLY1000 batching controller . The data acquisition adopts the high - speed 24 - bit AD , greatly improves the accuracy of the weighing and batching . The unique anti - interference design enables the controller to reliably use in the harsh field environment . 3.convenient communication The PLY1000 batching controller has an RS - 232 serial communication port , which can be conveniently and reliably connected with the PC to realize stronger management function and screen display function , so that the control system can meet the needs of different users . 4.Flexible configuration The PLY1000 batching controller is mainly applicable to the concrete mixing building or station in the construction industry , and is used for controlling the automatic weighing and automatic mixing of the multi - scale ( 8 , including the bone scale , the cement scale , the water scale , the liquid external agent balance , the fly ash scale , and the spare scale ) multi - bin batching system More pictures about the concrete batching plant software

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