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te Powder Paraformaldehyde POM

92% 96%

origin: China
packaging: In 25 KG bag or jumbo bag
MOQ: 800


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96% White Powder Paraformaldehyde POM We are renowned to be the leaders in the market as the perfect providers for Paraformaldehyde Powder Prills with years' experience, it finds wide applications in medical and scientific laboratories where the scientists use these chemicals for varied uses. In addition to this, this Paraformaldehyde Powder prills is duly processed by our vendors with optimum usage of best ingredients and high end technology. 96% White Powder Paraformaldehyde POM Applications: 1. Farm chemical: composite acetochlor, butachlor, ect 2. Paint: composite high-end automobile paint 3. Resin: composite urea resin, phenolic resin, ect. and various adhesives 4. Papermaking: composite paper intensifier 5. Casting: casting remover and adhesive of casting synthesis 6. Cultivation industry: fumigation disinfectant 7. Organic raw materials: for the production of glycerol, crylic acid, and so on 8. Others: medicine and disinfection 96% White Powder Paraformaldehyde POM by Xinlongwei 1.General Information Molecular formula: (CH2O)n Molecular weight: 600 CAS No.: 30525-89-4 2.Applications Resins, Agrochemicals, Medical Applications, Others (Including Development of Photographic Films, Papermaking, Oil Field Chemicals, lubricant additives, etc.) 3.Specification Item Standard Formaldehyde Content , % 95.0-97.0 Ash, % 0.05 Max Acidity, % 0.03 Max Iron content, % 0.0002 Max PH 3-7 4. Packaging 25KG woven bag, 20MT/20`FCL. 5. Storage and Handling Keep away from heat and flame. Keep from contact with oxidizing materials. Store in a cool, dry, well ventilated area. 6.Contact information

Paraformaldehyde Powder for UF Glue, Paraformaldehyde Prill for Resin, Powdered Form 96% Min Paraformaldehyde,

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