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M Type Wire Marker Tube


origin: China
packaging: Standard&according to customer's required
MOQ: 5000


China M Type Wire Marker Tube with High-Quality, Leading M Type Wire Marker Tube Manufacturers & Suppliers, find M Type Wire Marker Tube Factory & Exporters.

M Type Wire Marker Tube Cable Marker For Electric Wire 1.5mm - 6.0mm, Flexible Cable Marker is made of UL qualified POM material, the fireproof grade is up to 94v-2. Cable Marker Strips, 6.0mm Cable Marker is designed by M shape, Network Cable Markers, 1.5mm Cable Marker it is easy to be stable when it is used on the clamping line and it's not easy to turn over, so M Type Plastic Cable Markers it is convenient to keep the unity of the mark tube. Plastic Cable Markers, Colorful Plastic Clip on Cable Markers, we have stock, you can pick up the goods at anytime. 1. Waterproof, no deformation, any combination, between Kaka can be fixed, easily into the machine room wiring; 2. UL approved Nylon66, 94V-2; 3. Various combinations of different colors make the route markings more intuitive; 4. The closed gripper design improves the traditional sleeve approach; 5. Double column double hole design, so that the letters arranged neatly, can be arbitrarily combined; 6. The marking material is flexible and can be used in a certain line diameter range; 7. The claw has an upside down and is stuck on the wire without falling off; 8. Digital 0-9, letter A-Z, - etc; 9. Environmental protection, through the RoHS 10 certification; 10. Not easy to trans figure and beautiful, clear printing and longer lasting (not fade easily). Item No Specification Suitbale Wire Applicable Cable Diameter Standard Markings KY-M10 1.5mm2 0.75-1.5 mm2 1.0-3.0mm 0-9,A-Z,+,- KY-M20 2.5mm2 2.5mm2 3.0-4.0mm KY-M40 4mm2 4mm2 4.0-6.0mm KY-M60 6mm2 6mm2 6.0-10mm Usage Scenario: Using tempreture: 120 degree C ~ minus 40degree C Material: POM Size application: KY-M-10 and KY-M-20 is for telephone and electronice wire KY-M-40 is for CAt5 cable RJ45 cable KY-M-60 is for RJ45Cat6 and Cat5E cable ,RG tv cable Application: Packaging & Shipping Packaging Details 1.Natural package:1.5mm2 150 pieces in one bag 2.0mm2 150 pieces in one bag 4.0mm2 100 pieces in one bag 6.0mm2 100 pieces in one bag 2. We also can package upon customers' request Delivery Time 7~9days FAQ: 1. Q : Can you make customized products and customized packing? A: Yes.We made a lot of customized products for our customer before. And we made many moulds for our customers alread. about customized packing,we can put your Logo or other info on the packing.There is no problem.Just have to point out that ,it will cause some additional cost. 2. Q: Can you provide samples ? Are the samples free ? A: Yes,we can provide samples.But you have to pay for the shipping cos. If you need many items, or need more qty for each item,we will charge for the samples. 3. Q: What kind of payment do you accept ? Can I pay RMB ? A: We accept T/T(Wire transfer),Western Union and Paypal. Please be sure that we can receive the same amount of the Invoice. And you can pay money In RMB. No problem. 4. Q : What about your delivery time? A: We have a lot of products in stock.We can send the stock products in 3 work days. If without stock,or stock is not enough, we will check the delivery time with you. 5. Q: Do you have a guarantee of your product quality? A: We have a guarantee of one year. Any requirements or question,welcome to "Send" us an e-mail Now!!! It's our great honor to do services for you! You also can get the FREE SAMPLES soon.

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