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imethylacetic Acid CAS 75-98-9

Pivalic Acid

origin: CHINA
packaging: 180kg/durm
MOQ: 1


China Pivalic Acid Trimethylacetic Acid CAS 75-98-9 with High-Quality, Leading Pivalic Acid Trimethylacetic Acid CAS 75-98-9 Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Pivalic Acid Trimethylacetic Acid CAS 75-98-9 Factory & Exporters.

Pivalic Acid Trimethylacetic Acid CAS 75-98-9 Pivalic acid is used for the synthesis of pinacolone which can be used for the synthesis of various new types of bactericides, plant growth regulators and insecticides, such as triadimenol, diclobutrazole, triazolone, paclobutrazol, biloxazol, uniconazole, tebuconazole etc. Pivaloyl chloride is used for the manufacture of dipivefrin which are widely used for the production of penbritin, amoxicillin, cefazolin etc. 1) Product Information Chemical Name: Pivalic acid (Trimethylacetic acid) Other name: RARECHEM AL BO 0076; NEOPENTANOIC ACID;PIVALIC ACID; TRIMETHYLACETIC ACID; CARBOXYLIC ACID C5; ALPHA, ALPHA-DIMETHYLPROPIonIC ACID CAS: 75-98-9 EINECS No.: 200-922-5 Formula: C5H10O2 Molecular Weight: 102.13 Purity: 99% Appearance: Colorless crystal or liquid 2) Description Pivalic acid (Trimethylacetic acid) is a kind of Intermediates used in Agrochemicals, Pharmaceutical and Dyes, used for the manufacture and preparation of adhesives, medicines, initiators, perfumes. 3) Application 1. Synthesizing medicine intermediate pivaloyl chloride 2. Initiator in paint and plastics industry 3. Synthesizing , and dipivalyl epinephrine 4. Synthesizing pesticide intermediate pinacolone 5. for soap, shampoo and hair gel 6. Food preservative 4) Packaging & Delivery Packaging Detail: 180kg/durm Delivery Detail: Within one week after payment confirmed ...

Pivalic Acid 75-98-9, Trimethylacetic Acid CAS 75-98-9, Pivalic Acid Trimethylacetic Acid,

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