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hosphorus flame retardant IPPP


origin: CHINA
packaging: 230kg drums or IBC drums
MOQ: 1


China Phosphorus flame retardant IPPP with High-Quality, Leading Phosphorus flame retardant IPPP Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Phosphorus flame retardant IPPP Factory & Exporters.

Chemical properties IPPP is flame retardant plasticizer. This product is colorless and transparent, with good compatibility, good thermal stability, which can stop burning and increase plasticizing.It can obviously reduce the usage amount of flame retardants and plasticizers, also can make the materials keep the same color and physical properties after processing.It can improve the wear resistance , the weathering resistance and anti-corrosion effect of the product. It has the characteristics of low viscosity, low toxicity, tasteless, no pollution, etc.. Item Specification Appearance Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid Color(APHA) ≤50 Density(20℃) 1.16-1.18 Refraction(25℃) 1.546~1.555 Acid(KOH mg/g) ≤0.1 loss on drying (100℃3h)% ≤0.15 Moisture (%) ≤0.1 Viscosity(25℃ mPa.s) IPPP50:48-63, IPPP65:64-76 Application and method of use:The products are mainly used in rubber, resin and plastic as flame retardant plasticizer,widely used in all kinds of soft PVC material, flexible polyurethane, phenolic resin, fiber resin, synthetic rubber.IPPP has also been used as flame retardant additives in the production and processing of engineering resins, such as modified PPO, polycarbonate, polycarbonate composite materials, etc Packing:230 kg/galvanized iron drums or 1200kg/IBC drum or 24mts/ISO tank

Phosphorus Flame Retardant, Isopropylated Triphenyl Phosphate, CAS NO 68937-41-7,

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