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Precision stamping parts, stamped component, stainless steel stampings


Teliday hardware offers metal stamping parts from simple press parts and transfer parts to complicated progressive die parts. They can apply in many industries

Teliday hardware has the expertise to ensure that your custom stamped part will be manufactured to your exact specifications and to the highest quality standards.

Teliday hardware can produce metal stamping parts and components from a range of materials and alloys, including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and others

Teliday hardware is the custom metal parts supplier in China. Our product line is covering castings, stampings, machining, forgings, fasteners and all kinds of blasting abrasives.

We are capable of producing custom parts to your specification, offering suggestions on how to reduce cost and eliminating problems, To provide our customers the one-stop solution of customized metal parts is our mission.

In order for us to determine if we can offer quality parts at competitive pricing, we request as much information as possible with your RFQ. Greater detail allows us to present the most accurate pricing and delivery times.


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Stainless steel precision casting parts, investment castings, lost wax casting parts...


Stainless steel cut wire shot, blasting abrasives, steel shot, zinc shot, aluminum shot...

Taizhou teliday hardware products co.,ltd

Blasting abrasives, precision castings, CNC machinings, stamping parts, fasteners

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