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coil coating line for steel coils


Coil coating is a continuous, automated process for coating metal before fabrication into end products. The steel or aluminum substrate is delivered in coil form from the rolling mills. The metal coil is positioned at the beginning of the coating line, and in one continuous process, the coil is unwound, pre-cleaned, pre-treated, pre-primed, and prepainted before being recoiled on the other end and packaged for shipment

Coil coating line

the basis of decades of experience in the engineering, supply, installation and start-up of organic coating lines, GEIT offers optimized solutions for different coating compositions, coating colors, various steel grades and varying strip dimensions. In addition to imparting an aesthetically pleasing and decorative appearance to the strip, color coatings substantially improve corrosion resistance, especially for outside use. The strictest demands for high-end applications are fully met, such as in the automotive and household appliance industries. Both primary and secondary organic coating layers can be imparted to both strip sides, including the application of polyesters, epoxy, polyurethane, PVDF, acrylic and plastisoles.

The colored coil produced by our color coating line all has good performance, such as great stainability, moldability, corrosion resistance and decoration is like the organic polymers. Besides, it has high strength and it is workable. Frankly, it is easy to cut, curve, deep-draw and solder. The organic coated steel products are practical, decorative, workable and durable. They are mainly applied to following field:

Roofing and wall cladding


Fence and walls
Building products
Cool room panels
Roofing tiles
Drum ends
Housings and casings
Rainwater goods
Whitegoods (appliances)
Industrial furniture and racking
Office furniture

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GEIT group

GEIT group provides a comprehensive production line for metallurgy industries all over the world. Over the 30 years experience , it expands its business involve the rolling mill, processing line, pipe welding mill etc.

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