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e of Limestone Hammer Crusher


origin: Henan, China
packaging: According to the international standards
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Hot Sale of Limestone Hammer Crusher 1. Introdution of Limestone Hammer Crusher Limestone hammer crusher is a crusher for crushing 600-1800 mm limestone material to 25 mm or less. The limestone hammer crusherof Henan Hongke Heavy Machinery Co., ltd is divided into single stage hammer crusher, high efficiency hammer crusher, sand crusher, vertical shaft hammer crusher, reversible hammer crusher, ring hammer crusher and so on. 2. Pictures of Limestone Hammer Crusher 3. Working principle of Limestone Hammer Crusher Limestone hammer crusher mainly depends on impact energy to complete crushing material operation. When the hammer crusher is working, the motor drives the rotor to rotate at high speed, and the material enters the crusher cavity evenly. The hammer head of the high speed rotary impact, shearing tearing material causes the material to be broken. At the same time, the gravity action of the material itself causes the material to rush from the high speed rotating hammer to the baffle inside the frame, the sieve strip, the material resistance larger than the sieve hole is left on the sieve plate and continues to be hit and ground by the hammer. Until being broken to the required discharge size , the material is discharged through the sieve plate out of the machine. 4. Structure of Limestone Hammer Crusher 5.Technical parameters of Limestone Hammer Crusher Specifications Feeding size(mm) Discharging size(mm) Capacity (t/h) Motor Total weight (t) Dimensions (L*W*H)(mm) Number of poles Power (kw) PC400*300 <=200 <=25 5-10 4 11 0.8 900*670*860 PC600*400 <=250 <=30 10-22 4 22 2.26 1200*1050*1200 PC800*600 <=250 <=35 18-40 4 55 4.8 1310*1180*1310 PC1000*800 <=350 <=35 25-50 4 75 5.9 1600*1390*1575 PC1000*1000 <=350 <=35 30-55 6 132 8 1800*1590*1775 PC1250*1250 <=350 <=35 35-65 6 180 14 2060*1600*1890 PC1400*1400 <=350 <=35 50-100 6 280 32 2365*1870*2220 PC1600*1600 <=350 <=35 100-150 8 480 37.5 3050*2850*2800 6. Characteristics of Limestone Hammer Crusher (1) Working hammer, casting with new technology, wear-resistant and impact-resistant. (2) It can adjust the granularity according to the customer request. (3) The hammer breaks the seal of the airframe and solves the dust pollution and ash leakage in the crushing workshop. (4) The whole design has the advantages of beautiful design, compact structure, less easily damaged parts, convenient maintenance and so on. It is an upgraded product. (5) Compact structure, beautiful appearance, good wear resistance and convenient maintenance.

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