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Selling Versatile Rotary Drier

origin: China
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China Best Selling Versatile Rotary Drier with High-Quality, Leading Best Selling Versatile Rotary Drier Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Best Selling Versatile Rotary Drier Factory & Exporters.

Rotary drier Introduction: Rotary drier is also named as rotary drum dryer, chicken manure dryer, tumble dryer,rotary dryer is widely used in food, feed, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining, fertilizer manufacturing and other industries. Dried product according to the requirements of the heat source can be different. It applies to all kinds of water less than 85% of the dry material residue worse, for the open feed resources, reduce production costs, reduce environmental pollution has a good effect. Hongke company can provide a rotary drum dryer for just about any industrial drying application. . We have been installing dryers for many years and have the knowledge and experience required to provide a cost effective drying solution that not only works but works well. Rotary dryer working principle: This rotary dryer uses the sleeve sets out the structure can be doubled to reduce the length of the dryer, due to significant reduction of the cooling surface, resulting in decreased heat consumption, while doubling the heat exchange surface to greatly enhance thermal efficiency. Materials that can not touch tobacco, multi-drum rotary dryer provided in the inside and outside the cylinder, respectively, within the smoke pipe and circular pipe, the flue pipe of communication between the radial, the same energy efficient. It is obvious that on the hot and cold media in terms of material, this machine a sleeve-type rotary cooler. Rotary dryer features: 1. A high degree of mechanization, large production capacity, continuous operation. 2. Simple structure, excellent resistance, stores running smoothly through the cylinder, operating convenience. 3. Fault less low power consumption and low maintenance costs. 4. Applicable to a wide range of dry, product, good uniformity. Rotary dryer structure: Mainly by the heat source, on the feeder, feeding machine, rotary drum, a feeder, induced draft fan, discharge and power cabinet composition. Coaxial cylinder sets out both inside and outside, by the radial bearings into one, stand in groups and on the roller, the cylinder has a spiral blade and screw lifting plate and intermittent and, in the heat pipe tube, the tube between a circular pipe, the outer layer and its exhaust port outside the hood, there are radial pipe communicatio.

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