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Metallzed Polypropylene Film

MPP(Metallized Polypropylene Film)

Thickness: 1.6-15um
Margin Value: 0.4mm 1mm 1.5mm 2mm 2.5mm
Production Capacity: 150 Tons Per Month
Price: USD 6.00/kg
MOQ: 1 kg


We mainly offer finished capacitor film: Aluminum/Zinc metallized film with reinforced edgefor capacitors used.
We can supply you metallized polyester/Polypropylene Film for capacitors(MPET/MPP film) .We also can offer you Capacitor Polypropylene Rough film type RPP/RRPP.

*Product Description*
1.We mainly offer finished capacitor film: Aluminum/Zinc metallized film with reinforced edgefor capacitors used.
2.We can supply you metallized polyester/Polypropylene Film for capacitors(MPET/MPP film) .
3. We also can offer you Capacitor Polypropylene Rough film type RPP/RRPP.

Technical specifications
Model MPP(metallized Polypropylene Film)
Material BOPP
Hardness Soft
Transparency Opaque
Processing Type Multiple Extrusion
Thickness 1.6-15um
Width 4.5-130mm
Density 0.905±0.005 g/cm3
MOQ 1 kilogram
Margin Value 0.4mm 1mm 1.5mm 2mm 2.5mm
Production Capacity 150 Tons Per Month
Types of Matallized Layer Al/Zn metallized Film, Al Metllized Film
Size Negotiable
*Types of Matallized Layer: Slope metallized Film,High Square Resistance Film,Single-Sided Margin,Al/Zn Heavy edge Film(Single Sided),Double-Sided And Central Margin Film,Both Sides metallized Film, Pattem Film Segmented+T Margin,Pattem Film T Margin.
Item Thickness
Width(mm) Margin Value(mm) ID(mm) OD(mm)
metallized Polypropylene Film 2.0,2.2,2.3,2.4,2.8,2.9,3,4,5,6,7,
14 ,17.5,21,26,30,35,
3.0, 2.5 , 2.0, 1.5,1.0 75 180,240,
*Note:Other specifications,size,terminal outside table and price are negotiable.
Applied to capacitors for power system, refrigerators and air conditioners.
*Type Of metallized Film*
1.Aluminum metalized polypropylene film.
2.Aluminum-Zinc alloy metalized polypropylene film.
3.Aluminum-Zinc alloy metalized polypropylene film with heavy edge.
4.Aluminum metalized polyester film.
5.Aluminum-Zinc alloy metalized polyester film.
6.Aluminum-Zinc alloy metalized polyester film with heavy edge.
*Specifications of metallized film*
Width:Film Slit Width±0.3mm
Inner Diameter:75mm +1.0mm/-0.5mm

*Packaging & Delivery*
Packaging: Pallets
Packaging Details: Vacuum Aluminum Package (metallized Film Export Standard Carton)
Delivery Detail: 7~10 days after payment
Port: Shanghai or Ningbo
1.Leading tachnology: Our quality management system are certified by ISO9001 and our products have CQC,TUV,UL,VDE and other performance certifications.
2.Reliable productivity: Our company now has 3 high-vacuum coating machines,10 high-speed Sillting machines,6 winding machines and for -gun gold spary system and other automatic equipments.
3.Reasonable price: Executive"Industrial products 10% Profit in the first."
4.Large inventory: This is the guarantee of the timely delivery.
5.Fexible production: User-specific products,starting from the next single.
6.Cordial service: 7*24 hours online,prompt reply and timely delivery.
*Welcome to Contact Us*
Company Name: Anhui Safe Electronics Co.,Ltd
Add: No.1771 Qifeng Road, Shizishan National High Technology Zone, Tongling, Anhui, China
Tel: 0086 0562 2821018
Fax: 0086 0562 2821558
Mobile Phone: 0086-13305620368 (Helen Hu)
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