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Hunan YC Biological Technology Co., Ltd., located in Changsha National High-tech Industry Development Zone, is a modern high-tech enterprise which incorporates scientific research, manufacturing and marketing. The company is devoted to the specialized production of mangiferin products, plant extracts and medical food while adhering to the control principle of quality first.

The company possesses a specialized production and executive management team that engaged in long term production of mangiferin products, plant extracts and medical food. Meanwhile, the company also possesses advanced manufacturing equipments, up to date quality inspection center, research and development center as well as production base and raw material base. Close technological cooperative relationship with both domestic and foreign colleges, universities and research institutions are established to strongly support the research and development and technical update. Multidisciplinary, all dimensional and high level technological and management elite teams in the fields of extraction and separation, synthesis, fermentation, pharmacy, functionalized food chemistry, nutrition, biology, engineering, management and molecular structure modification have taken shape through cultivating and introducing both domestic and foreign high-tech talents as well as through close cooperation with many scientific research institutions. The company possesses advanced extraction, separation, synthesis and physical sterilization equipments alongside with food and medical food production workshop, extensive production experiences and strict quality control system, well established sales and service system, the right of import and export and self inspection.

The company focuses on reducing heavy metal, solvent residue and pesticide residue and the full control over hygienic index, and has been acknowledged by domestic and foreign customers for its high-quality and stable products as well as good and timely service. The company use combines modern high-tech with traditional process in specialized development and production of many natural plant extracts, meanwhile, uses modern synthetic technology to modify the structure of part of the products, provides natural organic product and technical service of good quality, and manufactures in strict accordance with GMP. The company applies biotechnology as a means to achieve the goal of life and health while taking extraction of plant essence and the health care of mankind as its mission. The company is committed to developing into a specialized high tech bioseparation company of the largest manufacturing scale which possesses the most advanced technology, developing green plant separation cluster, enlarging and strengthening plant biological health industry and building world class brand!

Hunan YC Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is looking forward to cooperate with both domestic and foreign customers to create a better future.

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Hunan YC Biological Technology Co., Ltd.


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Tel: +8673185257273
No.408 National High-tech Industry Development Zone, Hunan, China, 430011


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